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Treasure of Rubiline Sheen

Written by Mr.Ham on . Posted in Trading Insights

Besides Tide’s dagger on the picture above, anyone maybe have more information what is the content in new box which we will be opening soon?

The rumors are that there is no data involving contents of this chest in the schema currently.

Post it up if you find out before me :D

Thank you for reading, cheers.

-quick edit-
That orb in this pic? That is just 0 view Gifts granted, wrong info I got from random user :) Cheers all :)

Quality control

Written by Mr.Ham on . Posted in Trading Insights

Ahhh… it seemed like yesterday when I’ve unboxed mythical Necro weapon and right after that, went to join my lobby to see how it looks in game.

Or, when I bought Reef (off hand for Tide, one of my favorite heroes) the moment it was available and all you get, like that Necro weapon, is a feeling of some one laughing at you because you gave real money (+30 € for reef, as an example) for a virtual item which is clearly not only what you have hoped for (custom animation & effect) but bugged (!) pixels on your monitor.

New HUD named Curiosity takes this even a step further – it covers the third skill point on the ultimate of heroes like Rubick / Doom and on top of it, first status icon (as seen in the picture above).

  • Golden Baby Roshan

    Golden Baby Roshan

    This unusual immortal courier is one of the most expensive item one can have in Dota 2.

  • Ethereial Flame Demon

    Orange Etherial Flames Speed Demon

    Some unusual demons are more or less cute (depending on the particle effect and color on them) but each of them has trained all their life to be of use in battle. They are all SO ready to go.

  • Dragonclaw Hook

    Dragonclaw Hook

    Dragonclaw Hook has always been one of the most desirable cosmetic item. It's quite easy to comment this item, we'll just type here: "Fresh meat!"

  • Tails of Master Assassin

    Tails of Master Assassin

    When we talk about nice uncommons, we cannot possibly skip BH tails. Its nicely animated and can be seen from Moon. Even if you got bad internet connection there.

  • Elemental Ice Infusion

    Elemental Ice Infusion

    One of the most wanted rares is only available item for Tiny. You can easily buy it on any trade channel for 1 - 2 keys.

  • Unusual Essence

    Unusual Essence

    Commons essences are pretty easy to find but this rare essence is highly valuated. It is, kind of, double edged item because there is not much use of it if you have only one.

  • Hellish Gemstaff

    Warlock's Hellish Gemstaff

    We were nicely surprised when we tested this rare item which we found in Diretide chests. It's effect looks quite nice in game.

  • Kantusa the Script Sword

    Kantusa the Script Sword

    This item visually modify juggernaut abilites and can only be bought from secret dota store. It's no wonder that players are asking 24 - 26 keys for this uncommon.

  • Vintage Immortal Timebreaker

    Vintage Immortal Timebreaker

    There are 24.603 copies of this Immortal mace which comes with nice in game effect. In trades, most people will accept Timebreaker instead of keys at its current market value.

  • Strange Visage of the Ivory Isles

    Strange Visage of the Ivory Isles

    Strange Ivory mask can only be found in Chest Series #1. Even we've have been surprised when we found out how much community values this baby now.