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Genuine items, added medusa, new store items

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This week’s patch has arrived bringing us the first hero for 2013, the gorgon beast Medusa has now slithered her way onto the battlefield. We will also provide you with information and facts about Genuine item quality and unreleased hero updates.

So, let’s gets started with information most interesting to us (traders).

Genuine Items

The Genuine item quality is now in Dota 2. At the moment the following items have been made Genuine:

Kantusa the Script Sword from Standard -> Genuine
Berserker’s Witchslayer from Standard -> Genuine
Recluse Reef Denizen from Standard -> Genuine
Wyvernguard Edge from Standard -> Genuine
Bow of the Howling Wind from Standard -> Genuine
Ramnaught of Underwool from Standard -> Genuine
Dolfrat and Roshinante from Standard -> Genuine
Braze the Zonkey from Standard -> Genuine

The Genuine item quality is used to distinguish items obtained through participation in a cross game/product promotion (eg the Dota 2 tshirts, headset etc) or other in game items such as the Ramnaught courier that came with the Defense 3 league pass ticket as opposed from items gained via other methods such as a random drop, or possibly from a future crafting system?

With the addition of the Genuine tag it now means that the following items listed above can be sold/bought on the Steam Community Market:

Update Notes – January 9, 2013

Added Medusa!

- Witch Doctor: Fixed Aghanim’s Death Ward attacking Familiars and other psuedo heroes.
- Doom: Scorched Earth now only applies damage from Doom himself, not all the units affected by his aura.
- Pudge: Fixed being able to get units stuck using Refresher.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Recall interaction with non-hero units.

- Added a Haste button to the courier HUD element.
- Added Mid Only game mode for private lobbies (disables other lanes and allows the same hero to be selected).
- The Announcer Share dialog has been replaced with a Shared Content dialog.
- Added a badge to the top bar to count the available shared items.
- If shared content is available in a game, a message is now printed pregame.
- Added Balanced Shuffle button to non-tournament private lobbies.
- Added All Chat private lobby option for enabling voice chat among all players.
- Fixed “Equip” appearing in the right click menu for some chests.

- Fixed hearing the wrong announcer after equipping a new item in the loadout.
- Fixed bugs with muting cobroadcasters causing other sounds to be muted.

- The bots are now less likely to push with more heroes than what they deem necessary (less 5-man Dota). Probably needs some tuning.
- Made bots slightly less self-concerned when considering defending an ally. Also made them more likely to jump in if they have a slow or stun.
- Bots that are capable of jungling during the laning phase may now do so.
- If purchasing an item from the secret shop would complete an item, desire for going there is now increased.
- When their next item is purchasable, their desire to farm is significantly reduced.
- Fixed bad tuning that was causing bots to almost never farm lanes.
- Improved bot responsiveness to pings on Roshan.
- Bots are now less likely to assume that humans will purchase wards.

Unreleased Hero Update

- Some more updates to Troll Warlord’s materials.
- Tusk (aka Tuskarr) now has an initial hero icon and some work in progress ability icons.
- Tusk’s and Troll Warlord’s Particles
- Dark Seer now has a Soul Ring for his arm.
- Similar to Disruptor, Chen also has his own custom mount being worked on.

Thank you for reading.

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I know exact location of each item in super market. Once, I found a needle in hay. I am 183 cm tall but when u tickle me, I am 193 cm tall. Kids want to be just like me and I sleep once a day.

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  • Yarkin


    Hi. just wanna ask if u know any website that show number of every item in dota 2? Or maybe u can add this function in this website? I’m not good at English so can’t talk much :)


    • Painstik


      We are working on it, at the moment we have a database of 900k users and their inventories. It’s a really big database so we need some time to implement everything, queries on the database are just killing our servers.


  • heyhey


    hey ur prices here definitely affect the traders behaviour, im suggesting u to consider closing your site because these information i think are solely based on opinion, if it is not u have to provide statistical data and im sure u don’t have enough sample space required. valve have many item ranging from tradable and from shop, that means the drop rate for items that can be bought are more rare as it is obtainable in two ways, it is funny when people are asking 7 rares for 1 key when the fact that in store it is not even close to seven rare


  • Mr.Ham


    We, you and me – no one has the power to prevent websites from operating. If we close this one, other one will appear etc.

    We will continue to share our market research and opinion.

    And about those 7 rares – asking for something does not really means that you are actually getting it.


  • ckrl


    hello sir just want to confirm is golden greevil not anymore in the greevling event still droppable its says in your couriers and unusual
    essences i know u can get it by chest but can drop too????


    • Painstik


      Sry, we forgot to change it after The Greeviling event. Thanks for noticing. :)


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