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Fake bots & Dota2Lounge Rules

Written by Mr.Ham on . Posted in Dota 2 World

This problem will be eliminated in a few days from now on but until then – take extra care while placing your bets on Dota2Lounge.

Fake Bots

There are several ways to recognize fake bot:
a) it waits for you to accept him as friend (real bots will never send a friend request, they are automatically added on your friend list)
b) fake bot will either give a false code or will not provide any code at all
c) its Steam ID is different than listed HERE

As I said, this problem will be solved in the couple of next few days but for now, just take extra measures in double checking everything while trading with bots.

Dota2Lounge Rules

Furthermore, Dota 2 Lounge Rules have been written for quite some time but they have not been published anywhere (no, not even on Dota 2 Lounge itself or it’s Steam group – well, at least not in public).

However, we have been enforcing them lately as much as possible to make sure everybody starts following them. They are just words on the paper, more than guidelines then anything else (like all the rules in general) but if you do not follow them – we will come after you with a big hammer (read: strip you the privileges of using D2L).
Do not do any of the following:

- Post price manipulative content
- Flame or insult other members
- Bypass any filters
- Abuse or encourage abuse of the Contact Button
- Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.)
- Derail a trade’s topic
- Trade hijacking (“I’ll do this” and similar)
- Post spam or re-posting several trades with the same items (use common sense)
- Openly argue with a moderator
- Post links to phishing sites
- Post ANY links which are NOT approved by the Dota2Lounge staff. Approved links are (for now):;;;; (we will add a few links more later on)
- Backseat moderating

Report Posts / Trades to Moderators – If you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the Contact button or simply ignore the offensive post(s) or trade(s).

Repeated offenders of the above rules and guidelines will be banned from the Dota2Lounge web site. Any moderator has the ability to ban or warn a user AT ANY TIME for violating the rules at their discretion.
We are doing everything what we can to keep D2L running smoothly and moderating is least of our concerns at the moment (we had problems with bots few days ago so we spent around 15 hours correcting that, just for an example). Now we are focused at re-writing the program which interacts with the users while they place bets (it will, in the end, prevent any possible scam as fake bots) and completing our admin panel for bans and warning (warnings, few days ban, permanent bans).

If you wonder what is our relation to D2L – Dota2Prices & Dota2Lounge are friend websites and we are helping each other as much as we can with various feedback, ideas, moderating etc.

Notable changes in this week’s Dota2Prices update

You may, or you have may not notice some changes on the site. We are, in fact, updating it quite often but we never announce these kinds of things in public (like I will now).

For example, Unusual Courier Tiers has been updated with all the particle effects (we’ve changed that a lot, make sure you check it out), text inside info box (blue) has been corrected and other various updated price checks of various items (EF unusuals & Sunfire are most recent, as well as Strange modifiers etc).

On a side note: if you plan to add us in game or send us mail via contact button and say: “Hey, prices of Sunfire effects are not quite correct” please – do not stop at that. I’ve spent more than 3 hours in research of market price each time I would do an update for each of those particle effects on each of those couriers and I (we) did that at least 10-15 times by now so if you do not believe that price of this_and_that should be this_and_this you better have a proof to back that up (at least 4 links with actual sold item for the price which you are claiming to be & not older than 14 days).

I never take any words for granted, especially if person that I talk to do have unusual courier with particle effect I am researching at that moment but after talking to 5-10 players out there, I do believe that it is enough to pin point price range of random unusual courier.

In most cases, I talk to the various random traders out there only if I have troubles with particular effect (not enough up to date information lying around the internet) like I had last time with Sunfire effect (4 days ago).

I cannot express enough my gratitude to all the random persons / traders which I add and start asking various questions. So much nice people out there, willing to help, not even asking me “Why am I asking those questions” and similar after I add them and say: “I need few minutes of your time to answer me various questions” – you have all been more than helpful and I will use this opportunity to thank you all again.

By the way, you ever wondered what the next big thing will be?

It is our new website for trading! :D

This weekend, we will publish Closed Beta on line for extended testing. Making this come true, this weekend, is a great relief for us because we have already spent more than six (6) weeks of extensive work just to deliver this to you. ETA of releasing new trading web site is less than 30 days now (as I said, extensive testing is awaiting us -_-) but biggest part of the work is GG.

Thank you for reading.

To conclude with this article, I’ll post known fake bots that we are aware of in this moment:

76561198038086212 | Glaktor |
76561198079658609 | D2LNG | Joy |
76561198074843430 | D2LNG | Lynn |
76561198085026156 | D2LNG |
76561198072454281 |
76561198067870112 |
76561198071893265 |
76561198060540240 | D2LNG | Mishael |
76561197976332898 |
76561198059831050 Bo0MDeYada nie zbanowalem jeszcze
76561198085077476 D2LNG|Steave
76561198049528889 |
76561198062306002 | | D2NL I Joey
76561198085118905 |
76561198000992268 | Lolli
76561198010716089 | D2LNG | Loli |
76561198017162844 |
76561198030623630 | D2LNG | Terrell |
76561198039362332 |
76561198060971381 | D2LNG | Zeus |
76561198061254406 |
76561198078539635 | D2LNG | Rexar |
76561198081012520 | D2LNG | Taylor |
76561198047143292 | D2LNG | Rylai |
76561198059087476 | QWER
76561198064633147 | M_E_Y |
76561198077827193 | D2LNG | Andry |
76561198082833386 | |
76561198075723542 | D2LNG | Boroda |
76561198086215769 |
76561198061507971 | dat cat take |
76561198062383183 | D2LNG|Wind
76561198049608191 | D2LNG | Taylor
76561198075597445 | BL@ZZER |
76561198084312526 | D@VI N@HOOI
76561198024795814 | ?›?3?»?o?°
76561198066097010 | D2LNG | Nekogan
76561198086283572 | E•Â·á´Y·E”
76561198064084638 | Unnamed [UA] |
76561198061192199 | 2bee2nobee
76561198054500276 | D2LNG | Funt
76561198086329836 | D2LNG | Omar |
76561198074662143 | pAnda!
76561198086332859 | Sgt. Shaved Balls |
76561198062285876 | D2LNG | Gabe
76561198053864968 | Shamigami | | D2LNG | Andr?
76561198074379520 |
76561198075702539 | AnTiVariAnT |
76561198084009587 | Noa
76561198070903095 | RayS |
76561198086573192 | D2LNG | Jayceon
76561198069945457 | D2LNG | ?•zral |
76561198005516843 | D2LNG | Lyn
76561198078395999 | sawgen |
76561198074761084 | foxik | D2LNG | D2LNG | Jayceon |

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    What can I say? Mr.Ham did it again!


  • XpertAssassin13


    Very excited for your trading website, can’t wait to use it :)


    • Mr.Ham


      Not until u actually get scammed. Then use STEAMREP.

      Just block the guy and gg.


  • Metroid


    No Fakebot, but Scammer!
    This account-link below is a second account from the scammer he made more scammer accounts! In his friendlist are some other scammer accounts from him!
    *Link edited and removed* <– we cannot allow this kind of stuff… use STEAMREP if you have any problems with any players, we do NOT deal with scammers.

    Let me repeat that.

    We… do… not… deal… with… scammers!


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