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Prices are listed in Treasure keys. Last edited by Mr.Ham on September 26, 2013 8:11 am GMT+1.
Caustic SteelRareAlchemistDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
Alchemy EssentialsRareAlchemistDroppable/ Store2.5 - 3
The Nomad ProtectorUncommonAnti-MageDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Mage SlayerRareAnti-MageTrade1.5 - 2
The Gifts of YoskrethRareAnti-MageTrade2.5 - 3
The Forgemaster ToolsUncommonAxeTrade-
Red Mist ReaperRareAxeDroppable / Store3 - 3.5
The Red ConquerorRareAxeDroppable / Store3 - 4
The Berserker’s BloodCommonAxeTrade-
The Defiant AxeUncommonAxeTrade-
Forged in Demons BloodMythicalAxeTrade1.5
Bloodmist ArmorCommonAxeTrade0.2
Heavy Steel ArmorUncommonAxeTrade0.2
Saberhorn’s ArmorRareAxeTrade1
The AxecutionerRareAxeTrade0.2
The Rough Rider of Yama RaskavMythicalBatriderTrade3.5 - 4
Flamestitched SuitingsUncommonBatriderDroppable / Store3 - 3.5
Tribal StoneRareBeastmasterDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
Hunter of the Red TalonRareBeastmasterTrade1
Custom of KarrochUncommonBeastmasterDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Wrath of the Blood CovenantRareBloodseekerDroppable / Store5
Ritual Garb of the SeekerUncommonBloodseekerTrade-
The BonehunterRareBloodseekerTrade1
The Gallows Understudy RareBloodseekerDroppable / Store4 - 5New item on market
Hunter in Distant SandsRareBounty HunterDroppable/ Store1.5 - 2
Hardened Hunter’s GearUncommonBounty HunterTrade0.2
The Master AssassinRareBounty HunterTrade0.8
Trappings of the Pangolin GuildCommonBounty HunterTrade0.2
The Crimson Cut-throatRareBounty HunterTrade1 - 1.5
The Drunken WarlordRareBrewmasterDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
The Brood QueenCommonBroodmotherTrade0.5
Warrior of the SteppeRareCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store4
Weight of OmexeRareCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
The Conquering TyrantRareCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
Dark RuinMythicalChaos KnightDroppable / Store6 - 7
Entropic Battlegear of the WarriderGenuine MythicalChaos KnightValve Store30 - 33New item on market
Embers of Endless Havoc RareChaos KnightDroppable / Store6 - 7
Gemmed Armor of the Priest KingsMythicalChenDroppable / Store4 - 5
Arms of the Penitent NomadRareChenTrade1
Crypt GuardianRareClinkzDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
Demonic VandalUncommonClinkzTrade0.2
Lost HillsRareClinkzDroppable / Store5 - 6
Frostiron SorceressRareCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store2 - 3
Regalia of the Crystalline Queen RareCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
Heart of the NorthRareCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store3
Winter SnowdropRareCrystal MaidenTrade1.5
AqwandererRareDark SeerDroppable / Store5 - 6
Ancestral TrappingsRareDazzleTrade1.5
Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits RareDazzleDroppable/ Store1
The Bone ScryerRareDeath ProphetDroppable / Store0.6 - 1
The Corpse MaidenRareDeath ProphetTrade0.4
Rider of the StormLegendaryDisruptorTrade5
Impending Transgressions RareDoomDroppable / Store5 - 5.5
The Apocalyptic FireRareDoomDroppable / Store2
The Burden of Eleven Curses RareDoom BringerDroppable / Store1
Fire-Blessed Mail of the DrakeUncommonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.5
Armor of Sir DavionUncommonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.5
Bones of the Slain DragonRareDragon KnightDroppable / Store1
Enchanted Plate of the Crimson WyvernUncommonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.5
Uldorak’s HideRareDragon KnightDroppable / Store-
The Boreal WatchRareDrow RangerDroppable / Store4 - 5
Jewel of the ForestRareDrow RangerDroppable / Store4 - 5New item on market
Sylvan Guard’s FineryUncommonDrow RangerDroppable / Store0.5
Spikes of FrostRareDrow RangerDroppable / Store-
Aspects of SummerRareEnchantressDroppable / Store2 - 3
Blessings of the WildwingRareEnchantressTrade1
Chronite DefenseRareFaceless VoidTrade0.6
Dials of ClaszuremeCommonFaceless VoidDroppable / Store-
Sacred BonesRareHuskarDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
The Obsidian BladeRareHuskarDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
The Fires of ExortUncommonInvokerDroppable / Store-
The Magus MagnusRareInvokerDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Cabalist of Dark MagicRareInvokerDroppable / Store0.5
Traveler on the High PlainsRareJuggernautDroppable / Store-
The DauntlessUncommonJuggernautDroppable / Store-
Of Ebony and IvoryRareJuggernautTrade0.6
Aspects of Beast and ManUncommonJuggernautDroppable / Store-
The Boar God’s HonorUncommonJuggernautDroppable / Store-
Thousand FacesRareJuggernautDroppable / Store4 - 5
Dressings of the First Light RareKOTLDroppable / Store4 - 5
Attributes of the ForetoldMythicalKOTLDroppable / Store4 - 5
Empowered Vestments of the GodsMythicalKOTLStore2.5 - 3
The Admirable AdmiralUncommonKunkkaDroppable / Store-
The Commendable Commodore RareKunkkaDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Steadfast VoyagerRareKunkkaDroppable / Store5 - 6
Instruments of the Claddish VoyagerRareKunkkaDroppable / Store4 - 5
The Thorns of SunderingRareLeshracDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Twisted WisdomRareLeshracDroppable/ Store1
Dead WinterMythicalLichTrade2 - 3
Eldritch IceRareLichDroppable / Store2 - 3
Fashion of the Scorching PrincessCommonLinaDroppable / Store3 - 4
Light of the Solar DivineRareLinaDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Battle CasterRareLinaDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
The Garments of the Charred BloodlineRareLinaDroppable / Store3 - 4
Tools of the Demon WitchRareLionDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Tools of the HaruspexMythicalLone DruidTrade5
The Atniw's FuryMythicalLone DruidDroppable / Store8 - 9
Armor of the Sanguine Moon MythicalLycanthropeTrade3 - 3.5
Form of the Great GreyLegendaryLycanthropeDroppable / Store7 - 8
Forsaken BeautyRareMedusaDroppable / Store3 - 4
Spoils of the Bone RuinsRareMeepoDroppable / Store2 - 3
The Riftshadow RoamerRareMeepoDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
StarlightRareMiranaDroppable / Store5 - 6
The Moon RiderMythicalMiranaDroppable / Store7 - 8
Garments of the Nightsilver SentinelLegendaryMiranaDroppable / Store6
Gift of the SeaRareMorphlingDroppable / Store4 - 5New item on market
Shards of PolymorphiaUncommonMorphlingDroppable / Store-
Radiant Crystal BindingsCommonMorphlingDroppable / Store-
Shards of the Falling CometCommonMorphlingDroppable / Store-
Birot’s BindingsRareMorphlingDroppable / Store0.5
Direstone BindingsCommonMorphlingDroppable / Store-
Luminary of the Dreadful AbyssUncommonMorphlingDroppable / Store1
Bindings of FrostUncommonMorphlingDroppable / Store-
The Slithereen ExileRareNaga SirenDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Slithereen KnightUncommonNaga SirenDroppable / Store2 - 3
Designs of the Slithereen NobilityRareNaga SirenDroppable/ Store1 - 1.5
Master of Beast and BoleUncommonNature's ProphetDroppable / Store0.5
Heartwood VanguardUncommonNature's ProphetDroppable / Store-
Garments of the Peace – BringerRareNature's ProphetDroppable / Store0.5
The Regal Forest LordRareNature's ProphetTrade1 - 1.5
Scion of the SavageUncommonNature's ProphetDroppable / Store-
Relics of the Putrid PontiffRareNecrolyteTrade2.5 - 3
Alpha PredatorRareNyx AssassinDroppable / Store3 - 4
Sacred OrbRareNyx AssassinDroppable / Store3.5 - 4New item on market
Carapace of the Hidden HiveRareNyx AssassinDroppable/ Store2.5 - 3
Ancestral LuckRareOgre MagiDroppable / Store4 - 4.5New item on market
The Hierophant’s ProtectionUncommonOmniknightDroppable / Store-
Armor of Renewed FaithCommonOmniknightDroppable / Store-
The Radiance of the Crusade SetRareOmniknightDroppable / Store-
Armor of the Purist ChampionUncommonOmniknightDroppable / Store-
Thunderwrath’s CallingRareOmniknightDroppable / Store0.5
Wings of the PaladinCommonOmniknightDroppable / Store0.5
Dragon ForgedUncommonOutworld DevourerDroppable / Store3
Harbinger of the Inauspicious AbyssRareOutworld DevourerDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Nimble EdgeRarePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store5 - 6
Penumbral VestureRarePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store4 - 4.5
Dark WraithRarePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store4 - 4.5New item on market
Arms of the Bramble LordRarePhantom LancerDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Revered ArmsCommonPhantom LancerDroppable / Store-
Honors of the Golden ManeUncommonPhantom LancerDroppable / Store-
Ancestors' PrideRarePhantom LancerDroppable / Store1 - 2
The Ol' ChopperRarePudgeDroppable / Store4 - 4.5New item on market
Tools of the Mad Harvester MythicalPudgeDroppable / Store6 - 7
Chained MistressRareQueen of PainDroppable / Store4 - 4.5New item on market
Bonds of VincereCommonQueen of PainDroppable / Store7 - 8
Bindings of Enduring Torment RareQueen of PainDroppable / Store2.5 - 3
The Wicked SuccubusRareQueen of PainPremier League Season 512 - 13Price increased Hot trading item
Throes of AnguishRareQueen of PainDroppable / Store?
Throes of AnguishRareQueen of PainDroppable / Store4
The Twisted ArcRareRazorDroppable / Store3 - 4
Tahlin OccultUncommonRikiDroppable / Store2 - 3
Arms of the Bladebreaker OrderRareRikiDroppable / Store5.5 - 6New item on market
Implements of the Tahlin Watch RareRikiDroppable / Store2
The Subtle DemonRareRikiDroppable / Store3 - 4
Resonant VibranceMythicalRubickStar Series 7 / Store5 - 6New item on market
Peculiar PrestidigitatorMythicalRubickDroppable / Store6 - 7New item on market
The Inscrutable ZealMythicalRubickTrade3 - 4
The Spellbinder's ShapeRareRubickDroppable / Store3 - 4
Councilor's Complete RaimentRareRubickDroppable / Store1
The Ancient SovereignRareSand KingDroppable / Store3
Ceremonial Carapace of QaldinRareSand KingDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Chains of the Summoned Lord RareShadow DemonDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Mysterious VagabondRareShadow ShamanDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Hidden TalentRareSilencerDroppable/ Store2 - 2.5
Remains of the DreadknightRareSkeleton KingDroppable / Store5
Regalia of the BonelordUncommonSkeleton KingDroppable / Store3 - 3.5New item on market
The Arms of RetributionRareSkywrath MageDroppable / Store3 - 4
Arms of the Deep Vault GuardianRareSlardarDroppable / Store3
The Sea DragonRareSlardarDroppable / Store2
Deep Warden HaulRareSlarkDroppable / Store4 - 5New item on market
The SharpshooterRareSniperDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Gear of the Tally-Ho HunterRareSniperDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Ephemeral HauntRareSpectreDroppable / Store4.5 - 5
Malicious EfflorescenceRareSpectreDroppable / Store4 - 4.5New item on market
The Eternal LightCommonSpectreDroppable / Store?
BattleseekerRareSpiritbreakerDroppable / Store4
Heavy Armor of the World RunnerRareSpirit BreakerDroppable / Store2
Swordmaster of the VigilUncommonSvenDroppable / Store-
Commander of FlameguardRareSvenDroppable10 - 11
Mono MilitisCommonSvenDroppable / Store-
The Freelancer’s FineryUncommonSvenDroppable / Store-
The Deadly NightshadeRareTemplar AssasinDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Third InsightRareTemplar AssassinTrade2.5 - 3
Redmoon Assassin's SecretRareTemplar AssassinDroppable / Store2.5 - 3New item on market
Whispering DeadRareTemplar AssassinDroppable / Store3
The Dreaded BravoUncommonTemplar AssassinDroppable / Store2 - 3
The Pirate’s BootyRareTidehunterDroppable / Store-
The Paleogeneous PunisherUncommonTidehunterDroppable / Store-
Arctic HunterRareTuskDroppable / Store3
Frostiron RaiderRareTuskDroppable / Store3
The Iron BearUncommonUrsaDroppable / Store-
The Savage AgeUncommonUrsaDroppable / Store-
The Ursine RavagerRareUrsaDroppable / Store-
Garb of the Alpine StalkerImmortalUrsaTrade580 - 620Price increased Hot trading item
Acolyte of ClaszRareVoidDroppable / Store5
The Demonic ArchivistMythicalWarlockDroppable / Store4 - 5
Armored ExoskeletonRareWeaverStore4 - 5
Ember Tipped CarapaceRareWeaverDroppable/ Store2.5 - 3
Wings of the Gilded FalconRareWindrunnerTrade1 - 1.5
Flight of the SparrowhawkRareWindrunnerDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
Falconer’s DesignUncommonWindrunnerDroppable / Store-
The Northern WindRareWindrunnerDroppable / Store?
Zaru’Kina Protector’s GarbUncommonWindrunnerDroppable / Store-
Traveling Tale-TellerUncommonWitch DoctorDroppable / Store0.5
The Stormcrow SpiritRareWitch DoctorDroppable / Store1 - 1.5


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Prices are listed in Treasure keys. Last edited by Mr.Ham on October 27, 2013 12:08 am GMT+1.
Scythe of VyseGen. Mythical-Nature's ProphetValve Store260 - 300
Lucky Alpine Stalker’s HatImmortalGarb of the Alpine StalkerUrsaTrade135 - 145
Kunkka's Shadow BladeGen. Mythical-KunkkaLockless Luckbox95 - 100
Alpine Stalker’s ScarImmortalGarb of the Alpine StalkerUrsaTrade80 - 85
Alpine Stalker’s GlovesImmortalGarb of the Alpine StalkerUrsaTrade80 - 85
Alpine Stalker’s PantsImmortalGarb of the Alpine StalkerUrsaTrade80 - 85
Nyx Assassin's DagonGen. Mythical-Nyx AssassinLockless Luckbox80 - 82
Heaven-Piercing PauldronsGen. Mythical-InvokerLockless Luckbox60 - 62
Dragonclaw HookImmortal-PudgeTrade60 - 61
Form of the Onyx GroveGen. Mythical-Lone DruidLockless Luckbox53 - 55
BattlefuryGen. Legendary-Faceless VoidValve Store Unlock41 - 43
Flowering TreantGen. Mythical-Nature's ProphetValve Store39 - 40
Crest of the Wyrm LordsGen. Mythical-Dragon KnightLockless Luckbox36 - 37
Prisoner's AnchorGen. Mythical-AlchemistLockless Luckbox27 - 28
Aether-WingsGen. Mythical-PuckValve Store23 - 24
Kantusa the Script SwordGen. Mythical-JuggernautValve store unlock23 - 24
The Dreaded ForgewingGen. Mythical-BatriderValve Store22 - 23
Frost Owl's BeaconGen. Mythical-Crystal MaidenLockless Luckbox22 - 23
Dragon SwordGen. Mythical-JuggernautValve Store22 - 23
Broken ShacklesGen. Mythical-AlchemistLockless Luckbox21 - 23
TimebreakerVintage Immortal-Faceless VoidTrade21 - 22
Chaos Knight's Armlet Of MordiggianGen. Mythical-Chaos KnightLockless Luckbox19 - 20
Bow of the Howling WindGen. Mythical-Drow RangerValve store unlock16 - 17
Crown of the Death PriestessGen. Mythical-Death ProphetLockless Luckbox15 - 16
Fiery Soul of the SlayerArcana-LinaDroppable / Store14 - 15
Wyvernguard EdgeGen. Mythical-AxeValve store unlock14 - 15
BladeBiterGen. Mythical-KunkkaValve Store13 - 14
Recluse Reef DenizenGen. Mythical-TidehunterValve store unlock12 - 13
Rotten StacheLegendary-PudgeTrade11 - 14
Wings of the Ruby WebLegendary-Queen of PainDivine Chest10 - 12
Arcane Staff of the AncientsLegendary-KOTLCrystalline Chest6 - 7
Arc Of MantaMythical-Anti-mageRubiline Chest5 - 6New item on market
Berserker’s WitchslayerGen. Mythical-AxeTrade5 - 6
Bessy the BatmeleonLegendary-BatriderCursed Chest5
Leviathan Whale BladeImmortal-KunkkaCompendium Gift5
Form of the Great GreyLegendaryForm of the Great GreyLycanthropeDroppable / Store4.5 - 5
Andalmere the LitigonMythicalThe Moon RiderMiranaDroppable / Store4.5 - 5
HellstriderMythicalDark RuinChaos KnightDroppable / Store4 .5 - 5
Spirit of CalmMythicalTools of the HaruspexLone DruidTrade4 - 4.5
WhalehookImmortal-PudgeCompendium Gift4
Stryff the OwlionLegendaryGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranaStore4
Rampant the Scaled HunterLegendaryRider of the StormDisruptorStore4
Mask of the Mad HarvesterMythicalTools of the Mad HarvesterPudgeDroppable / Store3 - 4
Armored Exoskeleton WingsMythicalArmored ExoskeletonWeaverStore3 - 4
Ishul-Shog the WatcherMythicalThe Demonic ArchivistWarlockTrade3 - 3.5
Taunt: Shredding the Lute InvisibleMythical-Nature's ProphetMalignanat Chest3
Scree'auk's TalonImmortal-Vengeful SpiritCompendium Gift3
Sanurok the Ever AbleMythicalGemmed Armor of the Priest KingChenDroppable / Store3
Commander’s Helm of the FlameguardRare-SvenTrade3
Bertha the Morde-batMythicalThe Rough Rider of Yama RaskavBatriderTrade2.5 - 3
Featherfall BowMythicalFeatherfallWindrunnerTrade2.5 - 3
The Silent RipperMythical-SlarkCrystalline Chest2.5 - 3
Bloodstained BritchesRare-PudgeDroppable2 - 3
Eye of OmozMythical-DoomMalignanat Chest2 - 3
GloombladeMythical-Phantom AssassinMalignanat Chest2 - 3
Call of the DendrochronMythical-Nature's ProphetTrade2 - 3
The Oculus EphemeralMythicalThe Inscrutable ZealRubickTrade2 - 3
Scythe of Twin DeathsMythicalRelics of the Putrid PontiffNecrolyteTrade2 - 2.5
Roehrin the Pale StallionMythicalEmpowered Vestments of the GodsKOTLStore2 - 2.5
Wings of RetributionRareThe Arms of RetributionSkywrath MageDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
Sandworn Visage of the Ancient SovereignRareThe Ancient SovereignSand KingDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
Cloak of the Nimble EdgeRareNimble EdgePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store2 - 2.5
Commander’s Pauldron of the FlameguardRare-SvenTrade2
A Bit of BoatMythical-TidehunterTI3 Chest2
Bridle of the FundamentalMythicalAttributes of the ForetoldKOTLDroppable / Store2
Augury's GuardianMythical--Wax Chest2
Torment UnboundRareBindings of Enduring Torment Queen of PainDroppable / Store2
Blade of the Ephemeral HauntRareThe Ephemeral HauntSpectreDroppable / Store2
Wings of the Wicked SuccubusRareThe Wicked SuccubusQueen of PainPremier League Season 52
Dark Ruin CrusherRareDark RuinChaos KnightDroppable / Store2
Bandana of the Bone Ruin BanditsRareSpoils of the Bone RuinsMeepoDroppable / Store2
Hakama of a Thousand FacesRareThousand FacesJuggernautDroppable / Store2
Commander’s Skirt of the FlameguardRare-SvenTrade2
Mace of the ChosenImmortal-AbaddonCompendium Gift2
Heavy TenderizerRare-PudgeTrade2
The Dead Winter SoulMythicalDead WinterLichTrade2
Aqwanderer CrownRareAqwandererDark SeerDroppable2
Cauldron of XahryxImmortal-Lone DruidCompendium Gift2
Commander’s Cape of the FlameguardRare-SvenTrade2
ButtercupMythical-ChenTreasure of Rarities2
Commander’s Gauntlet of the FlameguardRare-SvenTrade2
Aqwanderer CarapaceRareAqwandererDark SeerDroppable2
Spellbinder's Tattered CloakRareThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Mask of the Third InsightMythicalThe Third InsightTemplar AssassinTrade1.5 - 2
Helm of the Twisted ArcRareThe Twisted ArcRazorDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Pauldron of the Nimble EdgeRareNimble EdgePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Spellbinder's Mask of ShapingRareThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Horns of the Crypt GuardianRareCrypt GuardianClinkzDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Belt of the Twisted ArcRareThe Twisted ArcRazorDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Words of the Drunken WarlordRareThe Drunken WarlordBrewmasterDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Fireborn OdachiMythical-JuggernautTrade1.5 - 2
Ormr the Lunar DragonMythical-MiranaCursed Chest1.5 - 2
Spell SurveyorRare--Store1.5 - 2
AtaxiaRareEmbers of Endless Havoc Chaos KnightDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Sanguine Moon PatchMythicalArmor of the Sanguine Moon LycanthropeTrade1.5 - 2
Familiar of the Great GreyRareForm of the Great GreyLycanthropeDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Penumbral WarbladeRarePenumbral VesturePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Penumbral HoodRarePenumbral VesturePhantom AssassinDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Death Mask of the Conquering TyrantRareThe Conquering TyrantCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Ogre's Caustic Steel BlindersRareCaustic SteelAlchemistDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Sacred Bones HelmetRareSacred BonesHuskarDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Summer's CharmRareAspects of SummerEnchantressDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Frostiron Raider FistRareFrostiron RaiderTuskDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Gemmed Mitre of the Priest KingsRareGemmed Armor of the Priest KingChenDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Frostiron Sorceress BroochRareFrostiron SorceressCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
The Blood ChaserMythicalForged in Demons' BloodAxeTrade1.5 - 2
Sweep of Forsaken BeautyRareForsaken BeautyMedusaDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Bow of Forsaken BeautyRareForsaken BeautyMedusaDroppable / Store1.5 - 2
Wings of the Ephemeral HauntRareThe Ephemeral HauntSpectreDroppable / Store1.5
Shell of the Hidden HiveRareCarapace of the Hidden HiveNyx AssassinDroppable / Store1.5
Mantle of Eldritch IceRareEldritch IceLichDroppable / Store1.5
The Instagib OSPMythical-SniperCursed Chest1 - 2
Obsidian GolemMythical-WarlockRubiline Chest1 - 2New item on market
Deep Vault Guardian TridentRareArms of the Deep Vault GuardianSlardarStore1 - 2
Bow of the Moon RiderRareThe Moon RiderMiranaDroppable / Store1 - 2
Dreadknight PauldronRareRemains of the DreadknightSkeleton KingStore1 - 1.5
Sea Dragon's FinsRareThe Sea DragonSlardarDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Heavy Helm of the World RunnerRareHeavy Armor of the World RunnerSpirit BreakerDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Whip of the Subtle DemonRareThe Subtle DemonRikiDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Scythe of PestilenceMythical-NecrolyteWax Chest1 - 1.5
Time-Mace of the Acolyte of ClaszRareAcolyte of ClaszFaceless VoidStore1 - 1.5
Feral the WerebatMythical-BatriderDivine Chest1 - 1.5
Ember Tipped CarapaceRareEmber Tipped CarapaceWeaverDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Robe of the Hidden TalentRareThe Hidden TalentSilencerDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Headwraps of the Acolyte of ClaszRareAcolyte of ClaszFaceless VoidStore1 - 1.5
Ember Tipped StridersRareEmber Tipped CarapaceWeaverDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
A Dire GazeRare--Droppable / Store1 - 1.5
Steel Wings of Apocalyptic FireRareThe Apocalyptic FireDoomDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Pauldrons of the Battle CasterRareThe Battle CasterLinaDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Shuriken of Distant SandsRareHunter in Distant SandsBounty HunterDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Ceremonial Pshent of QaldinRareCeremonial Carapace of QaldinSand KingDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Helmet of OmexeRareWeight of OmexeCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Vestigial Wings of the Ancient SovereignRareThe Ancient SovereignSand KingDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Dreadknight CrownRareRemains of the DreadknightSkeleton KingStore1 - 1.5
Tribal Stone PauldronRareTribal StoneBeastmasterDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Plates of the Battle CasterRareThe Battle CasterLinaDroppable / Store1 - 1.5
Grull the Grim WalkerMythical-DisruptorTrade1 - 1.5
FinbladeMythical-KunkkaLotus Chest1 - 1.3
CorruptorMythical-AxeTI3 Chest1
Flail of OmexeRareWeight of OmexeCentaur WarrunnerDroppable / Store1
Sigil of the SteppeRareWarrior of the SteppeCentaur WarrunnerStore1
Twin Serpent BowMythical-MedusaQuirt's Chest1
Taunt: Celebration of DeathRare-Witch DoctorMalignanat Chest1
Chained SnatcherUncommon-PudgeLotus Chest1
Taunt: Come and Get ItRare-AxeMalignanat Chest1
Hellgazer (Warlock Ward)Rare-All HeroesLotus Chest1
Vice of The WestMythical-BrewmasterTrade1
The Horned MotherMythical-Centaur WarrunerDivine Chest1
Slim Blade of the Tahlin WatchRareImplements of the Tahlin WatchRikiDroppable / Store1
The Commodore's Kraken SlayerRareThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkaDroppable / Store1
Buttercup's BardingMythical-ChenTreasure of Rarities1
Helmet of Endless HavocRareEmbers of Endless Havoc Chaos KnightDroppable / Store1
Lance of the Bramble LordRareArms of the Bramble LordPhantom LancerDroppable / Store1
Spaulder of the SteppeRareWarrior of the SteppeCentaur WarrunnerStore1
Horn of the Hidden HiveRareCarapace of the Hidden HiveNyx AssassinDroppable / Store1
Healing Ward of the Kuur-IshiminariRare-JuggernautTrade1
Shoulders of the Hidden TalentRareThe Hidden TalentSilencerDroppable / Store1
Rope of the Mad HarvesterRareTools of the Mad HarvesterPudgeDroppable / Store1
Spine SplitterMythical-Skeleton KingQuirt's Chest1
Grand Mantle of the ArchivistRareThe Demonic ArchivistWarlockDroppable / Store1
Halberd of the SteppeRareWarrior of the SteppeCentaur WarrunnerStore1
Radiant ClaiveMythical-SvenTI3 Chest1
Tiny Elemental Ice InfusionRare-TinyDroppable1
Fashion of YoskrethRareThe Gifts of YoskrethAnti-MageTrade1
Gazing Eye of the Demon WitchRareTools of the Demon WitchLionDroppable / Store1
Thrice-Gemmed Barding of SanurokRareGemmed Armor of the Priest KingChenDroppable / Store1
Lyralei’s BreezeMythical-WindrunnerTrade1
Bindings of the Summoned LordRareChains of the Summoned Lord Shadow DemonDroppable / Store1
Helm of Infernal DespairMythical-Chaos KnightTI3 Chest1
The StingerRare-WindrunnerDroppable / Store0.9
Rifle of the Great SafariRareGear of the Tally-Ho HunterSniperDroppable / Store0.8 - 1.2
Heavy Pauldrons of the World RunnerRareHeavy Armor of the World RunnerSpirit BreakerDroppable / Store0.8 - 1.2
Tiara of the Crystalline QueenRareRegalia of the Crystalline QueenCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store0.8 - 1
Flail of the Great ElderMythical-BrewmasterTrade0.8 - 1
Chained ChopperRare-PudgeLotus Chest0.8 - 1
The Blood ShardMythical-Skeleton KingWax Chest0.8 - 1
Staff of the Crystalline QueenRareRegalia of the Crystalline QueenCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store0.8 - 1
Snowdrop TasselsRareWinter SnowdropCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store0.8
Wings of the Inauspicious AbyssRareHarbinger of the Inauspicious AbyssOutworld DevourerDroppable / Store0.8
Sparrowhawk CapeRareFlight of the SparrowhawkWindrunnerDroppable / Store0.8
Sparrowhawk BowRareFlight of the SparrowhawkWindrunnerDroppable / Store0.8
Flares of the Solar DivineRareLight of the Solar DivineLinaDroppable / Store0.8
Headpiece of the Deadly NightshadeRareThe Deadly NightshadeTemplar AssassinDroppable / Store0.8
Master Assassin’s TailsUncommonThe Master AssassinBounty HunterDroppable / Store0.8
Grand Blade of the DemigodRare-SvenDroppable / Store0.8
Experimentalist's Laboratory EssentialsRareAlchemy EssentialsAlchemistDroppable / Store0.7 - 1
Assistant's RespiratorRareAlchemy EssentialsAlchemistDroppable / Store0.7 - 1
Ghost Orb of the PlaneswalkerRare-Spirit BreakerDroppable0.7
Sanguine Moon ArmorRareArmor of the Sanguine Moon LycanthropeTrade0.6 - 1
Mysterious Vagabond's HatRareThe Mysterious VagabondShadow ShamanDroppable / Store0.6 - 0.8
Mysterious Vagabond's PackRareThe Mysterious VagabondShadow ShamanDroppable / Store0.6 - 0.8
Armor of the Slithereen ExileRareThe Slithereen ExileNaga SirenDroppable / Store0.6 - 0.8
Sylvan Guard’s Dress ArmorRareSylvan Guard's FineryDrow RangerDroppable / Store0.6
Mask of the Mage SlayerRareThe Mage SlayerAnti-MageTrade0.6
Hair of the Dark MagicRareThe Cabalist of Dark MagicInvokerDroppable / Store0.6
Heirloom of the Temple PriestessRare-Templar AssassinDroppable0.6
Auspex of the Inauspicious AbyssRareHarbinger of the Inauspicious AbyssOutworld DevourerDroppable / Store0.6
Horns of the Peace-BringerRareGarments of the Peace-BringerNature's ProphetStore0.6
Black Pool Watcher (Lich Ward)Rare-All HeroesLotus Chest0.6
Snowdrop StaffRareWinter SnowdropCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store0.6
Helm of the Slithereen ExileRareThe Slithereen ExileNaga SirenDroppable / Store0.6
Hood of Endless IntellectRareThe Magus MagnusInvokerDroppable / Store0.6
Lei of the Peace-BringerRareGarments of the Peace-BringerNature's ProphetDroppable / Store0.6
Shoulders of the Slain DragonRareBones of the Slain DragonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.6
Flower Staff of the Peace-BringerRareGarments of the Peace-BringerNature's ProphetDroppable / Store0.6
Helm of the Slain DragonRareBones of the Slain DragonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.6
Obsidian Blade WarhelmRareThe Obsidian BladeHuskarDroppable / Store0.6
Ancestral CloakRareAncestral TrappingsDazzleDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
StormthrasherRareRider of the StormDisruptorDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Riftshadow Roamer's Fine n' FancyRareThe Riftshadow RoamerMeepoDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Ancestral Medicine StickRareAncestral TrappingsDazzleDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Sword of the Eleven CursesRareThe Burden of Eleven CursesDoomDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Rough Rider's Muggin' MaskRareThe Rough Rider of Yama RaskavBatriderTrade0.5 - 1
Big Bad BandanaMythical-BatriderCrystalline Chest0.5 - 1
Headdress of the Father SpiritsRareRitual Garb of the Father Spirits DazzleDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Empowered Barding of the GodsRareEmpowered Vestments of the GodsKOTLStore0.5 - 1
Great Pipe of the Father SpiritsRareRitual Garb of the Father Spirits DazzleDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Ring of the StormRare-Storm SpiritDivine Chest0.5 - 1
Mask of a Thousand FacesUncommonThousand FacesJuggernautDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Horns of Twisted WisdomRareTwisted WisdomLeshracDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Featherfall LocksRareFeatherfallWindrunnerTrade0.5 - 1
Ancestors' PauldronRareAncestors' PridePhantom LancerDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Featherfall CloakRareFeatherfallWindrunnerTrade0.5 - 1
Jewel of Futures ForetoldRareAttributes of the ForetoldKOTLDroppable / Store0.5 - 1
Cape of the Crystalline QueenRareRegalia of the Crystalline QueenCrystal MaidenDroppable / Store0.5 - 0.8
Hammer of the SkygodsRare-DisruptorMalignanat Chest0.5
Stalwart SentinelRare-SvenMalignanat Chest0.5
Possessed BladeRare-SpectreTI3 Chest0.5
Aghanim's BasherRare-BrewmasterQuirt's Chest0.5
Riftshadow Roamer's Fryin' PanRareThe Riftshadow RoamerMeepoDroppable / Store0.5
Nature's GripRare-Nature's ProphetQuirt's Chest0.5
Vengeancebound WingsRare-Skywrath MageTI3 Chest0.5
Stone InfusionRare-LionQuirt's Chest0.5
ShadowshardsRare-RikiQuirt's Chest0.5
Meat DraggerRare-PudgeQuirt's Chest0.5
Cranial Clap TrapRare-AlchemistTI3 Chest0.5
Brooch of Death’s BrideRare-Death ProphetDroppable0.5
EvildoerRare-Phantom AssassinQuirt's Chest0.5
Rack of SunderingRareThe Thorns of SunderingLeshracDroppable / Store0.5
Skirt of the FlameguardRareFlameguardSvenTrade0.5
Arctic Hunter's Ice AxeRareArctic HunterTuskDroppable / Store0.5
The Tear of AgonyRare-Queen of PainMalignanat Chest0.5
Flying DesolationRare-Bounty HunterQuirt's Chest0.5
The Dead Winter SashRareDead WinterLichTrade0.5
Beak of the StormcrowRareThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch DoctorDroppable / Store0.5
WavecutterRare-SlarkQuirt's Chest0.5
Headdress of the ProtectorRare-Skywrath MageQuirt's Chest0.5
Raven ScytheRare-NecrolyteQuirt's Chest0.5
CraniomancerRare-Dark SeerTI3 Chest0.5
Headdress of the Slithereen NobilityRareDesigns of the Slithereen NobilityNaga SirenDroppable / Store0.5
Sigil of the StormcrowRareThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch DoctorDroppable / Store0.5
Nightsilver BowRareGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranaDroppable / Store0.5
MistbladeRare-AbaddonRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
Dress of the Slithereen NobilityRareDesigns of the Slithereen NobilityNaga SirenDroppable / Store0.5
Brooch of the Third InsightRareThe Third InsightTemplar AssassinTrade0.5
Last JudgementRare-DoomRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
The Sharpshooter's StacheRareThe SharpshooterSniperDroppable / Store0.5
Enchanted Manglewood StaffRare-Nature's ProphetRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
The KillstealerRareThe SharpshooterSniperDroppable / Store0.5
Style of the Occult ProtectorRare-LanayaRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
Nightsilver LocksRareGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranaDroppable / Store0.5
Luminous EdgeRare-SvenRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
Star of SilenceRare-SilencerRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
End of OrderRare-Chaos KnightRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
Whirling Mind SlicerRare-SilencerDivine Chest0.5
Councilor's MaskRareCouncilor's Complete RaimentRubickDroppable / Store0.5
Spectral LightRare-SpectreTI3 Chest0.5
Crystalline InitioRare-RubickTI3 Chest0.5
Tribal Megadon MaskRare-Witch DoctorTI3 Chest0.5
HeatRare-ClinkzTI3 Chest0.5
EncoreRare-SlarkDivine Chest0.5
Diffusal LanceRare-Phantom LancerRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
IzokuRare-JuggernautRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
Aegis of the StormRareRider of the StormDisruptorDroppable / Store0.5
Mistral BraidRare-WindrunnerRubiline Chest0.5New item on market
The VindicatorRare-AxeTreasure of Rarities0.5
Trident of the Sea StalkerRare-SlardarTrade0.4 - 0.6
Blade of the Crimson Cut-throatRareThe Crimson Cut-throatBounty HunterTrade0.4
Legs of the Brood QueenRareThe Brood QueenBroodmotherDroppable / Store0.4
Helm of Thunderwrath’s CallingRareThunderwrath's CallingOmniknightDroppable / Store0.4
Mask of the Crimson Cut-throatRareThe Crimson Cut-throatBounty HunterTrade0.4
Edge of the Slain DragonRareBones of the Slain DragonDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.4
Hellish GemstaffRare-WarlockDroppable0.4
Dragonbone Helm of Sir DavionRareArmor of Sir DavionDragon KnightStore0.4
Bonehunter SkullguardRareThe BonehunterBloodseekerDroppable / Store0.4
Glaive of the Mage Slayer PackRareThe Mage SlayerAnti-MageTrade0.4
Hammer of Thunderwrath’s CallingRareThunderwrath's CallingOmniknightDroppable / Store0.4
Headdress of the Wildwing's BlessingRareBlessings of the WildwingEnchantressTrade0.4
Hammer TimeRare-TidehunterDroppable / Store0.4
Mancatcher of the Crimson Cut-throatRareThe Crimson Cut-throatBounty HunterTrade0.4
Red Talon HoodRareHunter of the Red TalonBeastmasterTrade0.4
Runed AilettesRareThe Regal Forest LordNature's ProphetTrade0.4
Cuffs of Oak and YewRareThe Regal Forest LordNature's ProphetTrade0.4
Turban of the Penitent NomadRareArms of the Penitent NomadChenTrade0.4
Wraps of the Seasoned VeteranRare-Bounty HunterCursed Chest0.3
Maw of the DevourerRare-Outworld DevourerLotus Chest0.3
Slayer's Glare (Lina Ward)Common-All HeroesDroppable / Store0.3
Battle Banner of the MaskedRare-JuggernautCursed Chest0.3
The Corrupted ShardRare-DoomLotus Chest0.3
Cape of Thunderwrath’s CallingRareThunderwrath's CallingOmniknightDroppable / Store0.3
Blueheart Spotter (Crystal Maiden Ward)Common-All HeroesDroppable / Store0.3
DeathwielderRare-Phantom AssassinDroppable / Store0.3
Graveheart StaffRare-DazzleWax Chest0.3
Staff of Faith (Chen Ward)Common-All HeroesDroppable / Store0.3
Eye of the Ozkavosh (Shadow Demon Ward)Common-All HeroesDroppable / Store0.3
Radiant Crystal HaulRare-MeepoCursed Chest0.3
Champion’s Belly BeltRare-Ogre MagiDroppable / Store0.3
Ambinderath's JawRare-Skeleton KingCursed Chest0.3
Scepter of the Grand MagusRare-RubickCursed Chest0.3
Gloried Horn of DruudRare-Centaur WarrunerCrystalline Chest0.3
Crystalline SicklesRare-LeshracDivine Chest0.3
Ragestone AxeRare-AxeCrystalline Chest0.3
Gramma Sharpie’s Smokin’ RugRare-SniperCrystalline Chest0.3
The Shattered Blade of LevinthalRare-Skeleton KingCrystalline Chest0.3
Grampa Sharpie’s Shin ShooterRare-SniperCrystalline Chest0.3
Cercus of Whirling DeathRare-Sand KingDivine Chest0.3
Ring Spear of Soul DiffusionRare-Phantom LancerDivine Chest0.3
Fishy FrillhawkRare-SlarkCursed Chest0.3
Eye of the EyrieRare-Skywrath MageWax Chest0.3
Spotin GogglesRare-SniperCursed Chest0.3
Ancient CrescentRare-Anti-MageDivine Chest0.3
Molten FractureRare-DoomDivine Chest0.3
Ancient CrasherRare-Anti-MageDivine Chest0.3
Skywrath SentinelRare--Wax Chest0.3
The Shell SlicerRare-SlarkWax Chest0.3
The Azure ShroudRare-Skywrath MageWax Chest0.3
Blade of Chaos IncarnateRare-Chaos KnightWax Chest0.3
Scythe of SacrificeRare-Phantom AssassinWax Chest0.3
The PeacebringerRare-OmniknightWax Chest0.3
Falcon's RiseRare-Skywrath MageWax Chest0.3
PyreRare-DoomWax Chest0.3
Taunt: Spider ShuffleRare-BroodmotherMalignanat Chest0.3
Blade of the Black RiderRare-Chaos KnightWax Chest0.3
Taunt: For Death and HonorRare-JuggernautMalignanat Chest0.3
Taunt: Victory JigRare-Nature's ProphetMalignanat Chest0.3
Aspect Mask of Fulminant RageRare-JuggernautTrade0.2 - 0.4
Ruling SwordRare-SvenDroppable / Store0.2
Shoulder of the NobleRare-LycantropheDroppable / Store0.2
Excavator’s Decorated TreasureRare-TidehunterTrade0.2
Hood of the HierophantRareThe Hierophtant's ProtectionOmniknightDroppable / Store0.2
Winged Paladin’s DefianceRareWings of the PaladinOmniknightDroppable / Store0.2
Staff of the EagleRareMaster of Beast and BoleNature's ProphetTrade0.2
Tribal Totem MaskRare-Witch DoctorDroppable / Store0.2
Winged Paladin’s Glorious CapeRareWings of the PaladinOmniknightDroppable / Store0.2
Sylnashar the Winged AxeRare-AxeDroppable / Store0.2
Dress of the Corpse MaidenRareThe Corpse MaidenDeath ProphetTrade0.2
The One HornRare-KOTLTI3 Chest0.2
Saberhorn’s PauldronRareSaberhorn's ArmorAxeTrade0.2
Nightmare BladeRare-AxeDroppable / Store0.2
RattlebiteRare-Witch DoctorTrade0.2
Bottom Watcher (Tidehunter Ward)Uncommon-All HeroesCrystalline Chest0.2
Mask of the Many-SightedRare-JuggernautDroppable / Store0.2
Saberhorn’s BeltRareSaberhorn's ArmorAxeTrade0.2
Saberhorn’s HelmRareSaberhorn's ArmorAxeTrade0.2
Saberhorn’s Heavy ChopperRareSaberhorn's ArmorAxeTrade0.2
Horns of the Bone ScryerRareThe Bone ScryerDeath ProphetTrade0.2
Double Vision (Jakiro Ward)Uncommon-All HeroesCrystalline Chest0.2
Veil of FablesRareThe Traveling Tale-TellerWitch DoctorDroppable / Store0.2
Hammer of Holy WordsRare-OmniknightDroppable / Store0.2
Chronite ScepterRareChronite DefenseFaceless VoidTrade0.2
Chronite BracersRareChronite DefenseFaceless VoidTrade0.2
Chronite ArmorRareChronite DefenseFaceless VoidTrade0.2
Claive of Unyielding StoneRare-SvenTrade0.2
Cold Case BowRare-Drow RangerTrade0.2
Wuldastron the Twin-Blade of GiantsRare-SvenTrade0.2
Raw HideUncommon-TidehunterDroppable / Store0.2
Crimson Wyvern HelmRareEnchanted Plate of the Crimson WyvernDragon KnightDroppable / Store0.2
Gilded Falcon CloakRareWings of the Gilded FalconWindrunnerTrade0.2
Gilded Falcon HelmRareWings of the Gilded FalconWindrunnerTrade0.2
Visage of the Ivory IslesRareOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautTrade0.2
Ancient Mask of IntimidationRare-JuggernautDroppable / Store0.2
Demon ClaiveRare-SvenDroppable / Store0.2
Direstone LiferipperRare-NecrolyteDroppable0.2
Fishing HalberdRare-Phantom LancerDroppable / Store0.2
Golden RiptideRare-Naga SirenLotus Chest0.2
Crown of the Comet’s TailRare-MorphlingDroppable / Store0.2
Bow of the Crystal CavesRare-Drow RangerDroppable / Store0.2
Defender of the Ivory IslesRareOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautTrade0.2
Birot’s Helm of DignityRareBirot's BindingsMorphlingDroppable / Store0.2
Armor of Thunderwrath’s CallingRareThunderwrath's CallingOmniknightDroppable / Store-